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What does London’s Tower Bridge have to thank Dovercourt for and why did the cast of “ Hi De Hi “ suffer during the their first night at Warner’s Holiday Camp in the town?

Just two of the questions answered in the latest production from Lawford film maker, David Webb.

DOVERCOURT, RAMSEY, THE OAKLEYS is the sixth in the series of local history films from the former Hi de Hi actor and follows on from his earlier PORTRAIT OF HARWICH.

“ To be honest, I thought all the history was wrapped up in the old seaport and so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dovercourt and neighbouring villages had such an interesting past. For instance, I didn’t know that the Cliff Hotel had a vital role in helping Marconi develop wireless transmission or that an important waterway once flowed through the fields of Ramsey”.Available Friday 10th November

Many of the stories related in the film are told by those who experienced them first hand. The farm worker seriously injured by a charging bull and a schoolboy who looked after his family at just fourteen years of age. There’s an historic aircraft being restored in Great Oakley… great acts of heroism during the flood of 1953..and how the people of the Oakley’s put meat on the table during wartime rationing.

DOVERCOURT, RAMSEY, THE OAKLEYS is presented by David’s daughter Victoria Lampard who will be a familiar face to viewers of ITV News Anglia. The film is priced at £14.99 and is available from Co-op stores in High Street, Dovercourt and Fronks Road, Upper Dovercourt….…Harwich Museum… ….Or from DAVIDWEBBFILMS.COM


Available from  Harwich Museum reception