Harwich Museum

Lime Court resident, takes a trip down memory lane

David lives at Lime Court Care Home in Harwich, Essex and recently took a trip into the local community to visit the Harwich Museum.

The team at Lime Court have been taking residents into the community each week to visit different local attractions. In previous weeks, they have taken people to the cinema and visited the pier, but this most recent trip was all about taking David on a trip down memory lane.

The Harwich Museum hosts exhibitions about the history of the local area, businesses and some impressive historical items.

As David was walking around the museum, he saw lots of interesting items and articles. One of the sections that caught his eye was the Harwich and Parkeston Football Display, as it brought back memories of watching the team play and supporting them during their matches.

There was also a display about Bernard’s, which was a uniform-making factory where David used to work. He enjoyed looking at the pictures, reading about the company and sharing his stories.

It was a wonderful day looking at the history of Harwich and reminiscing about years gone by.