Harwich Museum


Hi-de-Hi! memorabilia on display for the first time in the town where it was filmed.

The 1980s TV show was filmed at a holiday camp near Harwich, Essex.

A display featuring the iconic yellow coats, as worn by Su Pollard and Paul Shane, forms part of Harwich Museum.

Tony Tarran, who has loaned the items to the museum, said it was “brilliant” to be able to put them on show.

Together with his wife Joanne, he has collected the memorabilia over the past 15 years and it had previously been stored in their spare room.

“It’s been an ambition of ours for a long time but up until now there has been nowhere to do it,” said Mr Tarran.

The Hi-de-Hi! display is part of an exhibition showcasing the history of the Warners holiday camp at Dovercourt that hosted thousands of kindertransport.

he museum has been created by volunteers who have worked on the project over 14 months.

Other displays include Harwich’s history during both world wars, the town’s annual Guy Carnival and the town’s link to the Mayflower.